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In her book, "The Power of Encouragement", she shares that dreaming is as natural as breathing.  At one time or another, the majority of us have harbored a dream.  Author Deborah A. Hill presents the ten keys to achieving your dreams including: activating, defining, prioritizing, optimizing, embracing, releasing, launching, believing, owning, and empowering.

Hill offers encouragement to those who feel that life has placed limitations-such as self-doubt, fear, adversity, obstacles, and hurdles on their future.  She stresses that you must be your owncheerleader, your own drum major if you want true success.  In The Power of Encouragement, she discusses that you can no longer accept the negative narrative that's been written for your life.  Your destiny is in your hands; you were created to win.  Winning is carved in your DNA, and with determination, persistence, and hardwork, you can make it happen.

She helps you shed light in the dark places of your life and communicates that dreams have the potential to take you from your history to your destiny.

Her book is available for purchase at:

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